Many parents find the fidget toys for ADHD helpful, but there are some teachers that don’t agree with the parents. They see the toy as a problem and a distraction in class, especially now that the fidgets are becoming so popular and children that don’t have a learning disability and are playing with them also. Here are some reasons why teachers find the fidget toys a problem:

Teachers think that playing and focusing isn’t possible

There are some teachers who know that children with ADHD need some extra assistance and that they can benefit from keeping their hands busy while learning. However, most of the teachers think that it is impossible for children to play with something while they are trying to focus at the same time, especially with children with ADHD who can get distracted very easily. And, because teachers don’t see the benefits of the fidget toys, they don’t allow them in class, making it harder for the children who could benefit from the fidgets.

Most don’t know the obstacles that ADHD children are facing in the class

Teachers, parents, and children who don’t suffer from ADHD don’t really know the obstacles that ADHD children have when they are sitting in a classroom. Sitting in one place for long periods is hard and if they can’t even fiddle with something in their hands, it is almost impossible to concentrate.

This is why there are fidgets toys for ADHD children in the first place. To make sure that they can keep their hands busy without losing concentration. If they don’t have something in their hands, they will struggle to concentrate and can even struggle to focus and to learn. This is why children with ADHD should be allowed to have their fidget toys in the classroom.